Memory Lane: Sept. 10. 1993


From the September 10, 1993 edition of The Wayne Herald

Family relocates; likes Wayne life

A better quality of life is what attracted Tamra and Dr. Robert Krugman to relocate to Wayne. The couple, who are natives of O'Neill, had been living in Reno, Nevada for the past 11 years. The growth of everything, including crime in that community, convinced them that they out to take their family back to the small town, Midwest quality of life they had known growing up.

The couple establied several priorities in their search for a new home. The town had to be in Nebraska, so they could be cose to relatives in O'Neill. The town needed to be small in population yet have the advantages of a four year college. Several towns fit the bill, they said. They visited some of those communities, talked to community leaders and had the local paper sent to them in Reno as they considered their options.

"We were really concerned with the kids," said Krugman, who sold a very successful chiropractic clinic in Reno to embrace the slower pace in Wayne. "Wayne had all the right activities going for the kids."

A key factor in their decision was the newspaper, they said. The newspaper accurately reflected the positive, progressive, youth-oriented attitudes of the community, Tamra said. When the Krugmans told friends in Reno they were considering a move to Wayne, the couple said they would always show off the police reports printed in the Herald.