Memory Lane: April 2, 1964


April 2, 1964 — Wayne resident's family escapes earthquake injury

Mrs. Wilbur Hall, who had been trying to get word of the safety of her daughter and family in Anchorage, Alaska, since the earthquake Friday, was reassured Tuesday when she received a tape recorded message from them. Mr and Mrs. Russell Johnson, Gayle, 12 and David, 9, reside in a new home in Anchorage. Johnson has been employed by Standard Oil Co. in Alaska since 1947.

The tremor lasted about four and a half minutes, according to the Johnsons. Their first concern was for their children. Davic soon came into the house and told his parents he and a playmate had flung themselves to the ground as they were unable to stand. It was about midnight before Gayle could be located, safe but scared. The neighbors had taken her to another home following the quake. Mrs. Johnson said every dish in the cupboard was broken. Packages fell from shelves spilling their contents on the floor. The Johnsons praised the action of the military and civil defense workers. In Mrs. Johnson's words, "A disaster like this kind of takes ordinary people by surprise,but the military is always