It’s National 4-H week y’all!!!


It’s that time of year when we celebrate our accomplishments and look forward to new opportunities.  Let me share a little bit about the 4-H program and I want to invite you to contact your local Nebraska 4-H program in your county.   Check out the opportunities in your community and how 4-H and youth can make a difference.

What Does 4-H Offer?

For youth, 4-H offers fun learning opportunities through 4-H clubs, after-school programs, and local, state, and international events.

For older teens, 4-H offers opportunities to set goals, develop strategies to reach those goals, and lead by sharing their skills, knowledge, and talents to make their communities stronger.

For adults, 4-H offers research-based support and training in age-appropriate learning methods and materials to help plan activities and projects for young people in safe, nurturing environments.

Here are some things to know about 4-H in Nebraska…..

University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension is an affirmative-action, equal-opportunity employer.

The Goal of 4-H: The ultimate goal of 4-H is positive youth development. Our commitment to the young people and parents who seek community-based learning opportunities – and to the volunteers and organizations who become our partners in positive youth development is listed below.

4-H will:

•Help young people explore their interests through fun, engaging, hands-on learning experiences led by committed adults in their local communities.

•Give youth and adults opportunities to experience the benefits of working together to reach common goals.

•Help young people achieve through knowledge, success and friendships that last a lifetime! In 4-H we are committed to helping young people.

• Connect with positive adult role models and make new friends in safe learning environments.

•Take the lead in what they do and how they develop.

•Set the pace for their own learning.

•Recognize, understand, and appreciate diversity.

•Become active citizens through their service and leadership. All of which provides an environment in which they can develop skills that help them succeed.

We would love to visit with you more about all the possibilities 4-H offers the youth in your community.  Contact your local 4-H office in your area.